Cover image for Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer

A novel

by Minerva Zimmerman


Atlanta was supposed to be a new start. A place for Hannah to regroup and recover from her brother Zachariah’s betrayal. Alex would start his hematology fellowship and settle into his new role as Hannah’s — guardian? friend? roommate? But trouble has followed them down to Georgia, and from “retired” spies to strong-willed grandmothers, it seems Hannah and Alex have a lot more shared history than either of them knew. And far to the north, Zachariah is trying to survive the rage of a vampire he can’t kill and the affection of one who wants to be with him — forever.

About The Author

Minerva Zimmerman has managed to remain Statistically Chaotic Neutral despite rumors to the contrary. She is the author of The Shattered Ones series of novels from Fireside, and her short fiction has appeared in anthologies from Crossed Genres and Broken Eye Books. She can be found at her website [] ( or as @grumpymartian on Twitter.