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She Wolf and Cub

A novel in 12 parts

by Lilith Saintcrow


Ever since they gave her a new cyborg body and a steady stream of murderous work, she’s known the rules. Keep your head down, do your job, don’t get involved.

Then they sent her to assassinate a child.

Instead, she took him out of the City and into the Waste. Of course they’ll be coming for her, and for the strange, quiet, thirsty boy she’s rescued. Because he’s not just a child — he’s a profitable experiment. Bounty hunters. Fellow cyborgs. Cannibals. Monsters. They’re all after him. All she has on her side is an almost-invulnerable body, a lifetime’s worth of stubbornness, and the willingness to kill whoever she has to.

It’s going to have to be enough.



Chapter One — Sealed Train

Chapter Two — Cannibal Warfare

Chapter Three — Township Vega

Chapter Four — Sam

Chapter Five — Night Moves

Chapter Six — He’s Taken

Chapter Seven — Myth

Chapter Eight — Agent Warfare

Chapter Nine — I Think She’s Serious

Chapter Ten — Non-Alliance

Chapter Eleven — Black Hat Collective

Chapter Twelve — Who Owns You Now?

Chapter Thirteen — Coda

About the author

Lili Saintcrow was born in New Mexico (which probably explains everything, given the nuclear testing) and spent her childhood bouncing around the world as a military brat. She fell in love with writing in second grade and has done it obsessively ever since. She currently resides in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her children, dogs, cat, and assorted other strays, including a metric ton of books holding her house together. You can find her at, on Twitter at @lilithsaintcrow and on Facebook.

About the author