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The Shattered Ones, Vol. 1

A novel

by Minerva Zimmerman


Turning someone you don’t know into a vampire probably violates the Hippocratic oath. But Alex wasn’t really thinking about that when he found a girl bleeding out in his shower. Being turned into a vampire isn’t as awesome as it sounds. Especially when all Hannah wanted to be was dead. She thought she had finally escaped her brother. Until she woke up. Alive? Undead? Whatever. And now Hannah is stuck with the uncoolest vampire in existence. The Shattered Ones, Volume One collects three novels: Take On Me, Cruel Summer, and Running Down a Dream, the complete first arc of the series.

About The Author

Minerva Zimmerman has managed to remain Statistically Chaotic Neutral despite rumors to the contrary. She is the author of The Shattered Ones series of novels from Fireside, and her short fiction has appeared in anthologies from Crossed Genres and Broken Eye Books. She can be found at her website [] ( or as @grumpymartian on Twitter. 

About the author