flash fiction

Independent, Superior

by Chris Butera

There are twenty-seven synonyms for subservience.

Jun 19, 2017 | news

A note about submissions

by Brian J. White

As you may have noticed if you had it marked on your calendars, we did not open to submissions today as planned.

A teen girl floats beneath the surface of the water, surrounded by floating pink water lilies and overshadowed by the silhouette of a crow.

short story

Crow's Eye

by Sarah Hollowell

Ruby doesn’t like the lake. Everyone else likes it fine, including her sister, Dip. It’s her favorite part of their property.

Jun 15, 2017 | essay

Evil Isn’t a Disability: 10 Cloverfield Lane, Donald Trump, and Don’t Breathe

by John Wiswell

As I grew up, I recognized that the horror genre did not always love me back. In just one movie, a psychotic villain was a novelty. After dozens of such movies, it was vilifying a vulnerable minority.

flash fiction

How to Sync Your Spouse

by Russell Nichols

All over Ixesha, every tick-tocking soul says the motto of their great African nation in unison. Completely in sync. That is, except Menzi and Lindiwe.

flash fiction


by R.D. Sullivan

There are worse ways to go. There’s that bullshit thought again, circling back around for another try. It's not true anyway. There's one much better way to go.

A woman in a long coat leaps through the air, one leg extended in a kick with the other curled beneath her.

short story

Narrative Disorder

by Malka Older

Mishima was the youngest person ever to be diagnosed. Her third-year teacher became suspicious after overhearing her retell a five-minute trip to the bathroom as an epic saga with two subplots and an unexpected denouement (minor sink malfunction).

flash fiction

Friendly Emily

by Kevin Hearne

She heard my boots crunch around the bend in the trail, looked up, and gave a tiny smirk when she saw me stop in confusion. Instead of saying hello or asking for help, she tried to reassure me. “Don’t worry, Mister, I won’t eat you,” she said. “I’m not hungry right now.”

May 18, 2017 | essay

Blind Reading is in Braille or Large Print

by Elsa Sjunneson-Henry

Ableism creeps into our language all the time. Words that seem innocuous to many, well, they’re not so innocuous to me.

short story

Snow White

by Mikki Kendall

It is a curious thing to live long enough to hear the story of your life go from a gossipy tale told by people on the periphery to a myth that frames you both as a victim and a villain.

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