Feb 28, 2017 | essay

The Revolution Was Televised

by Andrea Phillips

Here in America, the only thing people remember is the shoes.

Feb 23, 2017 | essay

This Machine Kills Fascists

by Brian J. White

Our families, our neighbors, and our values are under assault by cowards who puff themselves up by screeching hate and lies and rancid ideas.

A woman wearing a T-shirt with three Nike swooshes arranged like the arrows in the anti-fascist circle confronts a heavily militarized cop amid a huge protest crowd.

short story

The Revolution, Brought to You by Nike

by Andrea Phillips

“Consumers know it when they see bullshit. They’re not interested in empty words anymore. They’re not interested in garbage awareness campaigns that don’t solve anything, either. They want action.”

Jan 7, 2017 | announcement

Issue 39: January 2017

by Brian J. White

The image of a black man is repeated three times. Inside each of them, a person is trapped. In the background, angry people protest.

short story

Black Like Them

by Troy L. Wiggins

According to the most recent census numbers, approximately twelve percent of Americans identify as African-American. Take a look around. Do you see any African-American people — black people — around you? We would urge you to look a bit closer. Perhaps they're not as black as you think.

short story

It Happened To Me: My Doppleganger Stole My Credit Card Info, and then My Life

by Nino Cipri

The Nono thing started when you were a toddler. Nono was your favorite word, and your father and I liked to say that it wasn't you who'd pulled all of the dishtowels out of the drawer. It was Nono.

flash fiction

God Talk: Advice From A Deity in Distress

by Alexis A. Hunter

What makes a god a monster? What makes a monster a god? The answer to both questions is the same: power.

Nov 7, 2016 | announcement

Issue 38 — November 2016

by Brian J. White

A woman crouches calf-deep in a swamp, rifle at the ready. Dragon surround her.

short story

Dragon Soap

by M.K. Hutchins

Gran never did like it when I used the Winchester to deal with dragons — so I went and did a damn fool thing and set out to hunt them in the dead of night. It wasn’t hard to sneak by Gran. She snored twice as loud as she barked, which was saying something.

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