Nov 7, 2016 | announcement

Issue 38 — November 2016

by Brian J. White

A woman crouches calf-deep in a swamp, rifle at the ready. Dragon surround her.

short story

Dragon Soap

by M.K. Hutchins

Gran never did like it when I used the Winchester to deal with dragons — so I went and did a damn fool thing and set out to hunt them in the dead of night. It wasn’t hard to sneak by Gran. She snored twice as loud as she barked, which was saying something.

short story

Sometimes the Crossroads Come to You

by Mikki Kendall

“If you’re darker than warm beige we don’t recommend using this unit to visit the past prior to 2150. Only go into the recent past, or into the future.”

flash fiction

Paperclips and Memories and Things That Won’t Be Missed

by Caroline M. Yoachim

The ghost in my attic is Margaret, but she lets me call her Margie. She was seventy-six years old when she died, and now that she’s a ghost she sits in her rocking chair day and night, holding a tiny baby in her arms. The baby rarely moves and almost never cries.

Oct 7, 2016 | announcement

Issue 37: October 2016

by Brian J. White

Illustration for The Get-Get Man

short story

The Get-Get Man

by Melissa Moorer

The Get-Get Man travels at night, sharp as a scalpel, dark as soot. He cuts through the yards and streets, slicing and taking what doesn’t make way. They say you can only see him from the side.

flash fiction


by Cassandra Khaw

Pale skin, poreless. Plastic polymer. Eyes too big. Nose too straight. Black-wire lashes. Mouth like an open wound, boiling with insect larvae. She’s been dead for days.

flash fiction

Rabbit Heart

by Alyssa Wong

When the Xiongs’ only son died, instead of calling the crematorium and arranging for a funeral, the family came to me.

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