Jun 10, 2020 | announcement

Announcing Lillian Boyd as the Editor for our Spring 2021 Issue

Between child care, contagion, and emotional exhaustion, the coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on everyone, and I’ve found it challenging to keep Fireside Quarterly production on schedule. Challenging, but not impossible — we’re still on track and on schedule for all our issues currently in production!

Our Summer 2020 issue, edited by Kate Dollarhyde, is at the printers, and I can’t wait to take delivery next week and share the cover and the TOC with you, before shipping it out to our subscribers for a July 1st delivery.

Our Autumn 2020 issue, edited by Maurice Broaddus, is currently in copyedits. Authors are going through and responding to Chelle Parker’s thoughtful and meticulous feedback. Once I get copyedits back next week, all our authors get paid!

Danny Lore is busy going through our second round of submissions and building the TOC for the Winter 2021 issue. I’ve extended the deadline for this by a week, because, well, because dammit, shit is bonkers right now and we can all use a little slack. So if you’re waiting to hear back from us on a submission to our Winter 2021 issue, please bear with us for just one more week.

We’re about to kick off the submissions period for our Spring 2021 issue, from June 15 to June 19. As always, you can find our guidelines on our Submissions page, and that’s where you’ll also find our submissions form when we open.

Finally, I’m thrilled to announce that the Spring 2021 issue of Fireside Quarterly will be edited by Lillian Boyd! Lillian is a writer and editor who lives in Los Angeles, CA. Her work can be found in Fanbyte, The Hundreds, Fodor’s Travel, Literary Orphans, Leveler, and lots of other places online. Hit her up on Twitter at @herelieslill if you have any spicy Dune takes.

Lillian is particularly keen on seeing work that engages with transformational narratives with a focus on the body; repurposing technology to do things it wasn’t meant to do; trauma and the ways in which it reshapes the ability to connect with others; and cyberpunk and cyberpunk-adjacent ‘fifteen minutes into the future’ dystopias.

I’m super excited to get to work with Lillian on this issue of Fireside Quarterly, and I can’t wait to see the TOC she comes up with. In the meantime, if you’re an author, if you have a piece that you think will fit well with us, it’s time to polish up those words and send them our way!

As always, thanks for reading!

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