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Fireside Quarterly

Autumn 2020 Issue

Edited by Maurice Broaddus

Featuring Stories by:

  Jason Sanford     Alisa Alering     Em Liu     Michelle Mellon     Lucy A. Snyder     Kate Sheeran Swed     Regina N. Bradley     Danian Darrell Jerry     M. R. Herbert     Jaymee Goh  

Illustrated By:

  Daniel Castro Maia     Marcia Diaz     Don Rimx  

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Fireside Magazine Issue 84, October 2020

Try This One Weird Trick for A More Youthful Look in Minutes,
a short story by Maria Romasco Moore

An unsettling look at an unorthodox beauty regimen.,
a short story by Hal Y. Zhang; illustrated by Anna Dittman

A programmer writes code through the echoes of a relationship.

Narrative Control,
a short story by Kyle Kirrin

Anxiety Bot takes our protagonist on a harrowing ride.

a short story by Makena Onjerika

An aching and brutal story that will leave you in pieces, then pick you back up.

Fireside Magazine Issue 83, September 2020

Holes The Body Leaves Behind,
a short story by Jeremy Packert Burke

A warm and aching look back at the time after the cataclysm.

a short story by Marianne Kirby

The story of a ship; a woman; a knife, cleaving a path through space.

A Machine, Unhaunted,
a short story by Kerstin Hall; illustrated by Melody Newcomb

The story of an AI in mouring, and how they cope and move forward through their grief.

The Roman Road,
a short story by Vajra Chandrasekera

Follow the journey of a homunculus as it uploads into its new container.

Please Don't Let Go,
a short story by Jo Lindsay Walton

A delightful dossier chronicling Ms. Wolfboy’s recovery.

Fireside Magazine Issue 82, August 2020

a short story by Mary Soon Lee

An arresting story where days bleed into each over over time.

Worm Song,
a short story by David Naimon

A musical, painful, and hopeful paean to all that resists, survives, and renews.

a short story by Jo Kaplan

A deep meditation on abuse and resilience.

An Incomplete Account of the Case of the Bird-Talker of Yaros,
a short story by Eleanna Castroianni; illustrated by Pao-ju Lin

An epistolary chronicle of resistance on an island prison.

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