serial: The Fisher of Bones, Chapter 9


by Sarah Gailey

The tablets foretold the shadow that passed over the moon on the day of my daughter’s birth.

flash fiction

A Cure for Ghosts

by Eden Royce

You know better now, don’t ya? How do them ghosts smell? Like dirt and damp moss and dank places closed so tight no air ever enters. Like the end.

A woman with a short afro strides toward the viewer. An animation of a beating heart is superimposed on top of her figure. A cursor blinks in time with the heart.

short story


by Hayley Stone

Priya begins by striking the words love, hate, heart, and feel from the computer’s vocabulary, and blocks the internet.

serial: The Fisher of Bones, Chapter 8


by Sarah Gailey

My bones ached and spread as we crossed into the grassy flatlands, but I did not stop walking.

flash fiction

The Scenarist

by Stu West

This is something that has caused problems in the past. New clinicians arrive from light years away, bringing impressive lists of publications and achievements—and staggering ignorance of the medical issues we face in this part of the galaxy.

flash fiction

Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked

by Christa Carmen

“This should feel romantic, she thought wistfully as Luke pushed past her out the door. And anyway, it wasn’t my idea to spend the last hour going to the forest’s edge with such a heavy load.”

serial: The Fisher of Bones, Chapter 7


by Sarah Gailey

What happened to Marc was my fault.

flash fiction

H&D Plumbing

by Courtney Floyd

“At H&D Plumbing, we specialize in fixing the unfixable. Call us 24-7!”

Oct 19, 2017 | news

Hurricane Bookstore Wrap-Up

by Pablo Defendini

In which me tiro el Cerati y les digo ‘gracias… totales,’ and talk about where to send money to Puerto Rico.

A young person with an afro is sitting in water up to their chin.

short story

River Boy

by Innocent Chizaram Ilo

“The first thing a River Boy knows is that he does not know until he knows.”

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