short story

Charlie Tries to Interview Her Nanny

by Michael Robertson

A little girl interviews the person she admires most: her Nanny helper bot.


How to Leave the Planet

by Hal Y. Zhang

A lyrical farewell to living things.

short story

A Bitter Orange Perfume

by H. Pueyo

A perfumer’s three daughters engage with their mother’s legacy after her funeral.

short story

Even Robots Can Cry

by Sam Kyung Yoo

An overwhelmed student desperately wishes he were a robot.

short story

The Imperishable Birds

by Vajra Chandrasekera

A quiet tale on filmmaking, where the symbol is the thing.

short story

Watching Rome Burn

by Veronica Brush

A story about how we move forward once all we loved is lost.

short story

Custom Options Available

by Amy Griswold

A retired mining bot makes its first purchase and bodily modification for the sheer pleasure of it.



by Annika Barranti Klein

What if all we had was green, and everything worked to preserve it?

short story

Green Tunnels

by Taimur Ahmad

A little girl on a space station dreams of the green her family left behind.

short story

From Under the Peach Tree

by Kerry Truong

They came to her as a sparrow first and made their nest in the peach tree by her cliffside cottage.

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