short story

Sun, Moon, and Wretched Star

by Ashley Deng

A girl grapples with her family’s past through the haze of incense on her Pohpoh’s altar.

short story

The Last Librarian

by Trace Yulie

Guerilla archivists work to liberate culture from a corporate hegemony.

short story

And For My Next Universe…

by Matthew Castleman

A tale of show business, and messing with quantum forces.

short story

For Change is the Moon’s Domain, and Tonight She Watches

by Izzy Wasserstein

A tale of yearning, and of growing into your self.

short story

Dirt Under the Nails

by Aaron Menzel

A farmer and his robot ruminate on life, craft, and the solitary nature of their work.

short story


by Larissa Irankunda

A space-faring Kosobé learns and unlearns the power of language and empire

short story

Foie Gras

by Charles Payseur

How to handle an infestation of rogue AIs — all patterned after that one narcissistic French emperor.

short story

The Intergalactic Shoemaker’s Revenge

by Jordan Rivet

A shoemaker discovers that the customer is not always right, especially when the customer is a very, very nasty space pirate.

short story

Gender and Other Faulty Software

by John Wiswell

A sentient ship’s technician encounters a very nonbinary situation.


Rotting Flowers

by nwaobiala

A heart-wrenching poem on motherhood and rage.

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