who i am

by Amber Bird

with rocks from my bed
you lined your walls,
and now i am home.

short story


por Patricia Coral

Recojo luz para ti. Recojo la ausencia de la oscuridad.

short story

Personal Rakshasi

by Suzan Palumbo

She tries to push the words from her head but they stain her dreams - their bitterness coating her tongue when she wakes.

Oct 31, 2019 | essay

White Saviorism and the Brooklyn Hammer Murders

by Diana Lu

We are portrayed as weak and broken victims, completely lacking in agency or strength. We are used in white narratives as props…

short story

What Cannot Follow

by Eugenia Triantafyllou

She is still waiting for the family who left her behind fifty years ago.

short story

Radio Static

by Carolin Jansen

You don’t know that I am a ghost, so you sit at my bedside and cup my hand like a seashell in your palm.


After Living With Him

by Okwudili Nebeolisa

It was the question I had been dreading for a while, knowing that one day someone in the family would ask

A woman looks on longingly at the shadow of her lover

short story

On the Other Side of the Line

by A. T. Greenblatt

I’ve never seen a complete message come through the Line. Only fragments.

Oct 13, 2019 | news

An Apology

by Pablo Defendini

Last week I had to cancel some books. The way I went about doing this was not consistent with Fireside’s values. I’d like to offer some explanations and apologize.

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