Oct 18, 2018 | essay

We Could Have the Future Star Trek Promised Us

by Danilo Campos

What if science and technology could make the entire global resource pie so large, even a minuscule slice could represent abundant prosperity?

flash fiction


by Sarah Gailey

Read: ‘Murder’. It was murder, the car had a choice, you can’t choose to kill someone and call it manslaughter.

A girl lays on a gourney, unconscious. Over her, her mother is in grief, and above them both, an Indian god has come to claim her. Her sister rushes to save her from death.

short story

Light and Death on the Indian Battle Station

by Keyan Bowes

Mom’s turquoise-blue saree morphed into her silver Battle Station uniform. … She’d be needed in the Situation Room with all the other Telepaths.

short story

Inner Space

by Takim Williams

Dr. Williams has retreated to his inner space, where he has spent increasingly more time since his wife’s death in the office fire a year ago.

Sep 27, 2018 | news

Announcing Pre-Orders and the Cover Reveal for Hillary Monahan's Gunsmoke & Glamour

by Pablo Defendini

We're thrilled to reveal the cover for Hillary Monahan's upcoming novel, Gunsmoke & Glamour!

flash fiction

The Ceremony

by Mari Ness

He is not exactly dead, of course—indeed, those who do touch him often say, later, that he's rather unpleasantly warm.

Sep 20, 2018 | essay

#MeToo, and Furthermore

by Hillary Monahan

“What do I do, as a survivor existing in publishing? For that matter, what do other victims do?"

flash fiction

How to Identify an Alien Shark

by Beth Goder

If a shark is speaking to you, that is a sign that it is an alien.

flash fiction

Friday Night Games

by Anne Dafeta

Ouija was not a game she ever expected to find in Lagos. Back in New York? Of course. … But Ouija, in a Nigerian store?

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