flash fiction

To This You Cling, With Jagged Fingernails

by Beth Cato

You should have talked to her about magic before she died, but you haven't lived close to her in years.

flash fiction

A Post-Modern Oracle

by Courtney Floyd

Offer her worthy espresso, and she’ll read your future in the post-it notes scattered around her office like fallen leaves.

Two figures see each other through a crowd.

short story

Rules for Communing with Spirits

by Christopher R. Alonso

My abuela told me that there was such a thing as being too chismosa, that I shouldn’t go looking for things that weren’t there. At the time, she didn’t know about what Caro and I did on our days off…

short story

Fascism and Facsimiles

by John Wiswell

Yeah, but we’re not Nazis, right?

Jun 21, 2018 | essay

Getting Men Off Ledges

by Brandon O’Brien

The implication is obvious. The aftershocks of trauma follow us relentlessly, constantly forcing us to be vigilant about ourselves and our space.

Knitting needles work to craft a figure from the ether.

short story

Cast Off Tight

by Hal Y. Zhang

He is falling again, drifting down an infinite spiral, the simultaneously squeezed and stretched feeling whenever he thinks too much about death.

Jun 14, 2018 | news

Announcing an Open Call for Novel and Novellas

by Pablo Defendini

Fireside will be open to novel and novella submissions for the month of August.

flash fiction

Beast of Breath

by Gillian Daniels

“I think you're being asked a question, my love. They have a right to an answer, even if it's one they may not like.”

flash fiction

The Day After the Red Warlock of Skull Top Mountain Turned Everyone in Beane County into Pigs

by Susan Jane Bigelow

My phone was busted; I’d put a trotter right through it during the first few minutes.

Jun 1, 2018 | news

Announcing the Fireside 2018 Books List

by Pablo Defendini

I’m pleased to announce that starting this fall, Fireside will begin publishing a small number of novels and novellas. Here's our list for 2018.

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