flash fiction

50 Ways to Leave Your Fairy Lover

by Aimee Picchi

You wrote that your fairy lover expects you to accompany him on wild hunts and to all-night dances, but he never wants to answer BuzzFeed quizzes or join your Ingress team.

Apr 19, 2018 | essay

We Need New Scripts

by Andrea Phillips

People we know and often really like are being accused of inappropriate behavior, and we have to figure out where to go from here.

Two figures wait in the dark mist. Around them, crows. Lots of crows.

short story

One For Sorrow, Two For Joy

by LaShawn M. Wanak

People grieved over so many things, the Undertaker mused. A failed marriage. Loss of a job. But the loss of a child always hit the keenest.

flash fiction

Before the Burst

by D.A. Xiaolin Spires

She was radiant, whirlwinds of color on evanescent skin, doused in virtual ink. Her beady eyes darted, taking us in.

Apr 5, 2018 | news

We've been nominated for a Hugo award!

by Pablo Defendini

Wow, so turns out it wasn’t a holiday food induced fever dream - we actually are Hugo Award Semiprozine Finalists. How cool is that?

short story

On Good Friday the Raven Washes Its Young

by Bogi Takács

The family didn't want a freak, so I came all the way here, to the planetfrontier.

flash fiction

Iyanuoluwa-Mercy of God

by Jojo Bee

“When the blue-eyed devil first led me to the ship, I thought it was for a better life. The village chief told me it was an honor. He said it would be good for me to go and wouldn’t I like to explore?”

Mar 22, 2018 | essay

Power Structures Are Meant to Be Broken

by Elsa Sjunneson-Henry

Why is it always goddamn white dudes with money? Because society is most comfortable with men with disabilities being active bodies.

short story

By the Mother’s Trunk

by Lisa M. Bradley

“Tillie received a bath earlier this morning, but the water droplets that caught in the coarse hairs on her head have already evaporated. She would like to dust herself but Governor says, ‘It’s SHOWTIME.’”

flash fiction


by Arkady Martine

“A long time ago I was an architect, and now I’m an evaluator for post-disaster safety. I specialize in earthquakes, but I see a lot of floods, too.”

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