Jun 1, 2018 | news

Announcing the Fireside 2018 Books List


I’m pleased to announce that starting this fall, Fireside will resume publishing novels and novellas. We’ve dipped our toes into these waters before, but we’re excited to spin up our books publishing program in earnest. We’re starting small, with four stories that demand to be on the page. Stories about rebellion and surviving, about finding yourself and finding your people, about problematic loves, and also about witches, spirits, robots and ray guns. Stories by Rachael K. Jones, Hillary Monahan, Lilith Saintcrow, and JY Yang. If you’re not familiar with these names, start following them now. You won’t want to miss a single word.

Starting in August, Fireside will be publishing the following titles:

Every River Runs to Salt, a novella by Rachael K. Jones: The Pacific Ocean is a big thing to steal, but Quietly’s roommate Imani never does anything small. But then Imani goes and dies, and Quietly is left to travel to the Under-Ath (the underworld beneath Athens, Georgia), with angry gods at her heels, to clean up the mess Imani left behind and try to rescue her friend.

Gunsmoke & Glamour, a novel by Hillary Monahan: Marshall Clayton Jensen’s job is to fix things for the people too weird for the government to touch–witches, fairies, monsters. When Clay finds himself on the receiving end of a witch’s curse following a breakup from the love of his life, a fairy named Cora, Clay enlists the help of his best friend Doc Irene and his ex-girlfriend’s promiscuous sister Adelaide to search for a cure before time runs out.

Rattlesnake Wind, a novel by Lilith Saintcrow: Dez Thompson’s family—now without their domineering patriarch—is busy creating a new life on Wyoming’s plains. To Dez, magic hides in the grass, and especially in the wind–and she is about to find out that magic is real, bloody, and on the hunt for the perfect victims.

The Dominion of Bodies, a novella by JY Yang: The year is 2116. On Mars, the CEO of Holder Enterprises has built The Dome, an enclosed, pay-to-stay experimental habitat, and his testing ground for kickstarting the “Aresforming” of humanity–adapting human biology to the Martian environment, instead of the other way around. But such progress comes with a price, as businesswoman, agitator and rebel Sonya Vuković well knows. She flees to the outlaw settlement known as The Sanctuary after her husband is murdered, carrying a breakthrough that Holder would kill for.

Each book will be available as a print and ebook at all major retailers, as well as at the Fireside Shop. We’re incredibly excited about each of these titles, so you can expect us to talk much more about them in the coming months. Keep your eyes and ears open for information about publication dates and cover reveals, but don’t worry, we won’t be shy about those announcements.

We have a few more surprises up our sleeve this year, so stay tuned!