Feb 15, 2018 | news

Our Next Reading Period Will Be in April

Fireside will be open to fiction submissions of up to 4,000 words during the last week of April. We’ll have our submissions portal open from the 23rd to the 27th of April, but we wanted to let everyone know now so you have time to polish up your work, or write us something brand new. As always, we will need a lot more flash than longer work, so please do send us your best shorter pieces if you have them. 4,000 words is our upper limit, but we also like to see shorter stories that aren’t flash. You can read our guidelines here.

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Julia Rios is a writer, editor, podcaster, and narrator. Her fiction, non-fiction, and poetry have appeared in several places, including Daily Science Fiction, Apex Magazine, and Goblin Fruit. In addition to being a senior fiction editor for Strange Horizons from 2012 to 2015, she has edited poetry and reprints for Uncanny Magazine and co-edited several anthologies with Alisa Krasnostein, including Kaleidoscope: Diverse YA Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories, and the Year’s Best YA Speculative Fiction series. She is a co-host of the Hugo-nominated podcast, The Skiffy and Fanty Show, a general discussion, interview, and movie review show, and Walkthrough, a discussion of exercise and geekery with Amal El-Mohtar and Layla Al-Bedawi. She has narrated stories for Podcastle, Pseudopod, and Cast of Wonders, and poems for the Strange Horizons podcast. As one of the four co-founders of Fuente Collective, she is interested in encouraging creativity and community across multiple genres, cultures, and disciplines.