Oct 13, 2017 | news

Introducing #ManListeningMonday


Hey all, it’s Brian, your former Fireside editor.

A lot of women have gone silent on Twitter today. It’s a reaction to a lot of things that have been smoldering for ages, set aflame by the past week of Harvey Weinstein revelations, emerging stories of shittiness by people in his orbit (Ben Affleck Fuck Off), and women in and out of Hollywood talking about their experiences of harassment, assault, and rape by men.

All of this is happening because women are speaking out. Whether or not they speak today, men need to listen, learn, and amplify their voices. This idea of listening is of course is not a concept I came up with, and a lot of women have been talking about this need for listening this morning.

Personally, it was this tweet (and the subsequent thread) from @sawdustbear

tbh I don’t really want women to remain silent on Twitter for a day, I want all men to say nothing and only amplify women’s voices.

— that got me thinking about pushing for a day of men being silent and boosting women. I was talking to Fireside’s publisher, Pablo, about it and we hit on the idea of making this a weekly thing: #ManListeningMonday. Every Monday, Pablo and I are committing to not tweeting ourselves, and only RT’ing and otherwise boosting women’s voices, especially the voices of women of color and disabled women, along with anyone who does not identify as male — genderqueer, intersex, and all the other people on our great big gender spectrum outside of male.

Here is the key thing about this though; this is not about virtue-signalling or ally cookies or any other bullshit. Yes, #ManListeningMonday is a hashtag, but don’t spend half your Monday using it to tweet about how you’re supporting women. Just do it. At most, pin a post Monday morning saying “It’s #ManListeningMonday, and today I will only be boosting women’s voices.” And then just shut up and Listen. Listening to, believing, and valuing what women have to say is vital to fixing the bullshit they have to put up with every goddamn day.

That’s it. That’s the plan. We hope you will join us, this Monday and every Monday going forward.

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