Just a Couple Modifications

Edited by Brian J. White

February 2014

The bone saw, please.

What? Oh. Please stop yelling, I can see you’re awake. One of the drugs must have worn off faster than anticipated. Don’t worry, the other two are still in effect. Come on now, it can’t be all that bad. I’ll bet you can’t even feel what I’m doing.

No, no, I can’t stop now. How about this, I’ll sing you a song until you go under again.

Well I’ll sing it anyway. That bone saw if you please, Mr. Jones.

Hush little one, don’t you cry as I slice through the soft flesh of your thigh. With a snip and nip I’ll take what I need. You won’t even miss it, please don’t cry.

It’s just a muscle or two, yet you howl and scream. Such a fuss over something of which others would dream. You’ll be immortal and people will ask is it man or machine?

In this modern age, tech is an absolute must. When I’m done, when I’m done you’ll be one of us.

You say you don’t want to be plastic, but I say you must have the muscle, the torque. You’ll run faster, jump higher, be better, be stronger. You will be the best!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell; I got excited. Where was I? Oh yes. Just close your eyes, darling, and put your fears to rest.

It’s funny. When I am done with you, you’ll wish I’d cut you open sooner. Maybe. Perhaps that’s just my odd sense of humor.

Hush little one, don’t you cry. Now I just need to replace your eye.

Just a couple seconds now, just a few. When you wake up, you’ll be all new.

© 2014 Kelly C. Stiles

About the author

Kelly C. Stiles

Kelly Stiles lives in various places, but mostly the woods. She is one of the co-editors for the Goldfish Grimm Spicy Sushi Fiction publication and is also an assistant acquisitions editor of novellas for Dagan Books. Her day job is in the local national park. You can visit her blog at ladykuro.wordpress.com.