Oct 7, 2014 | announcement

Issue 16 — From the Editor


And now, finally, Year 3 has begun! We have a completely redesigned, free website. (Thanks so much to Pablo Defendini for his beautiful work.) We have a variety of ways for people to support us as we work to move away from Kickstarting to a more sustainable model. We are opening up again to submissions in a few days. And, of course, we have Issue 16 to kick off Year 3.

Our short story this month is Testimony by Jennifer Mason-Black. This one’s a gut-twister, set in a future that has passed a very sick little girl by while she lay frozen, awaiting a cure. In flash fiction, we have The Work by Alexandre Stone, a race against time as the walls come down, and The Cutting Yield by Hillary Jacques, a story about food and family in a shattered future.

And we kick off our serial by Lilith Saintcrow: She Wolf and Cub. This month’s issue features a prologue, which readers may recognize as the story Maternal Type from Issue 9, as well as Chapter One.

Thanks so much to all our readers and our supporters. And tell your friends and fellow readers they can now read Fireside for free!