Feb 7, 2016 | announcement

Issue 30 — From the Editor

Welcome to Issue 30. We’ve had a great month at Fireside, reaching our Year 4 survival goal with time to spare! Thank you so much to everyone. There’s still time to spread the word as we work to hit our stretch goals by Feb. 5 to add more words to each issue and to hire Daniel José Older as a guest editor.

On to the stories!

We open with a really tough but important one: When He First Laid Eyes by Rachael K. Jones. It’s about stalking and harassment of women, and it’s powerful. Next is Effie Seiberg’s Re: Little Miss Apocalypse Playset, a fun romp through a corporate email chain. And we close with Fairy Tales are for White People by Melissa Yuan-Innes, which takes us inside Guangdong Barbecue in Toronto, where a debt has come due.

Thanks for reading, and as always, for supporting Fireside!

© 2016 Brian J. White

About the author

Brian J. White

Brian White started Fireside in 2012 with a Kickstarter and a whole lot of love. Over the next five years as editor and publisher – with the help of his amazing team and of Lauren, his wife and partner in crime – he expanded Fireside from a one-off magazine to a monthly publication to its current form, a site with weekly fiction and occasional nonfiction. Fireside published 150 stories under his tenure, as well as five novels and one novella. He is deeply proud to have had a part in bringing those stories into the world. He was gratified to have proved that writers can be paid more for their work than the industry accepted, and perhaps most proud of the #BlackSpecFic report that Fireside published in 2016. He stepped down as editor and publisher in the summer of 2017, but he remains an equity partner in the company.