May 7, 2016 | announcement

Issue 33 — May 2016



It’s been a busy month at Fireside. We took story submissions all last month, and got a record number, closing in on 2,000 while I am writing this a few days before this issue comes out. We’re sifting through those stories with guest editor Daniel José Older and will have a whole new crop of stories for the second half of Year 4.

June is going to be a skip month, for two reasons. One, we need a little time to regroup. And two, this will finally allow the Fireside Year to line up with the calendar year, so Year 5 will start in January. (Patreon backers will not be charged in June.)

But you’re here for stories! And this month we have five fantastic ones for you.

We open with Caroline Yoachim’s third story in Fireside, a nanobot piece called An Army of Bees. It’s a gut-wrencher. Next is a gorgeous little cyberpunk story, Minerva Zimmerman’s Sparrow. R.L. Thull follows with The Forever Girl, about a little girl who never grows up, and her mother who does. Our fourth story is Mari Ness’ The Middle Child’s Practical Guide to Surviving a Fairy Tale, which is funny, smart, and exactly as advertised. It’s got another Galen Dara illustration. And we close with If X is a Real Number by Sofie Bird, aboard a starship that is in a lot of trouble.

Thank you for reading, and for your support.

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