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R.D. Sullivan

R.D. Sullivan is the author of multiple good-for-nothing novels and short stories that do nothing but lay about and mooch off of her. “Skinned Knees” is the first of her stories to venture out in to the world and make something of itself and R.D.’s grandmother couldn’t be prouder, even if she thinks R.D. looks funny. She lives in Northern California with her husband where they raise their toddler, wrangle their pack of dogs, and run a business together. She can be found on twitter as @_TheRussian or on her blog. She is also the founder of the Cement Shoe Broadcast Network and hosts its flagship show, Talking Shit with Dave and Earl.

Website: govneh.wordpress.com@_TheRussian on Twitter

    R.D.'s Writing in Fireside

  • Jun 7, 2017