Fireside Values

Great work, fair pay

Fireside publishes stories that move us, regardless of their genre. We believe that stories have the power to shape culture, and we intend for the work that we publish to contribute to creating a kinder and more inclusive society.

We also believe that great work calls for fair pay — we’re proud to publish Fireside Magazine, one of the highest-paying short fiction markets in the science fiction and fantasy genre field.


Fireside believes in quality above all. We don’t cut corners, even if that means our work takes longer or it is more expensive to do something. We strive to provide as much value as we can to our readers, and we take care to consider the needs of our staff and our collaborators when we take on new projects.


We are living in a time of rising authoritarianism, fascism, white supremacy, and extreme right-wing ideology, both in the United States and across the globe. Fireside pledges to fight this hateful movement by publishing powerful work in opposition to it, exploring frightening issues unflinchingly, and supporting everyone putting themselves on the front lines of the resistance.


We believe in resistance through representation. The world is just plain better when everyone has a voice. Fireside supports and makes space for marginalized voices, both in the stories and artwork that we publish, as well as in the wider work we do in our community. This includes doing the work to find and nourish new voices — authors, artist, editors, and others.


Working together is a critical part of building and sustaining a community. Our peers aren’t our competitors — the work we all put out into the world is not a fungible commodity — and we strongly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. So we like to support collective efforts when we can make a meaningful contribution.


Fireside strives to be a leader for positive change in our community. We love the people who make our work possible, and we understand that our community is big — our home is Earth, not a nation or a group. We want to be as inclusive as possible, and that means working beyond borders and boundaries, with people throughout the world.