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WC Dunlap

WC Dunlap draws her inspiration from the complexities of a Black Baptist middle class upbringing by southern parents in northern New Jersey, and all that entails for a brown-skinned girl growing up in America. Equally enthralled by the divine and the demonic, with a professional background in data and tech, she seeks to bend genres with a unique lens on fantasy, fear, and the future.

Previously under the byline Wendi Dunlap, WC Dunlap’s writing career spans across speculative fiction, journalism, spoken word, and cultural critique. You can find her most recent work in FIYAH Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction, Nightmare Magazine, and PodCastle. Carnivàle is her first long-form fiction, published serially through Eyedolon, the Broken Eye Books Patreon.

WC Dunlap holds a BA in Film and Africana Studies from Cornell University. She currently resides in New Jersey with her young adult son and two British Shorthair familiars. Check out her work at wcdunlap.com or follow her on twitter at @wcdunlap_tales.

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