Choose Wisely


“Are you real?” you ask, perhaps unwisely, but you’re in need of coffee and obviously not running anywhere fast and it’s nice to hear another voice, even a strange one.

“Are you?” the not-notary asks.

“I need a notary to say so,” you say, walking slowly down the twisting corridor. You feel the cold fingers of the not-notary touch your neck. You want to shriek, but you wait until their jaw is close enough to bite…

And you hold the form up, so that their teeth pierce the paper just enough, at just the right spot, that it looks like a notary did it.

Then you turn on your phone’s flashlight and the not-notary shrinks away, screeching.

And you use the last of your energy-reserve spells to get the heck out of there as fast as you can.

You exist. You have the marks to prove it.

And you have your form. That didn’t take so long after all.

Good work!

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© 2018 Fran Wilde

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