Daniel Abraham

John Fisher

Jen R Albert


Layla Al-Bedawi

Those We Feed

Immigrant Experiences in Fiction and Real Life: A Roundtable Discussion

Tongue-Tied: A Catalog of Losses

Day Al-Mohamed

Death’s Garden

K. C. Alexander

Four Tons Too Late

Christopher R. Alonso

Rules for Communing with Spirits

Ogbewe Amadin


E.C. Ambrose


Edward Ashton

The Bird

Cyd Athens


Alec Austin

The Resurrectionists


Brent Baldwin

Who We Once Were, Who We Will Never Be

Meghan Ball

The Importance of Being Monstrous

Elizabeth Bear

Form and Void

Jojo Bee

Iyanuoluwa-Mercy of God

Helena Bell

Look Upon my Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair (In Three Months)

M. Bennardo

Sun Tea

Mary Berman

Bubbles and His Biped

Susan Jane Bigelow

The Day After the Red Warlock of Skull Top Mountain Turned Everyone in Beane County into Pigs

Rebecca Birch

A Taste of Cinnamon

Amber Bird

who i am

Sofie Bird

If X is a Real Number

Jennifer Mason-Black


Stephen Blackmoore

Rhapsody in Blue Shift

La Bestia

Keyan Bowes

Light and Death on the Indian Battle Station

David Bowles

Shapeshifting Sorcery: The Persistence of Mesoamerican Magic

Lisa M. Bradley

By the Mother’s Trunk

Libia Brenda

Puebla de los ángeles

Lee S. Bruce

A Promise of Flight

Tobias S. Buckell

Press Enter to Execute

Chris Butera

Independent, Superior


Martin Cahill


Jennifer Campbell-Hicks

Catch a Fallen Star

The Memory Who Became a Girl

Danilo Campos

We Could Have the Future Star Trek Promised Us

Christa Carmen

Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked

Raquel Castro

Larga Distancia


Beth Cato

To This, You Cling, With Jagged Fingernails

Jessica S. Cauttero

Reclaiming Makerhood

Dantzel Cherry

Shrugging Off the Weight of the World

Alberto Chimal


Innocent Chizaram Ilo

River Boy

The Unusual Customer


Renee Christopher

And I Never Named Her

Nino Cipri

Better Girls from Broken Parts

A Silly Love Story

It Happened To Me: My Doppleganger Stole My Credit Card Info, and then My Life

It Happened To Me: I Melded My Consciousness With the Giant Alien Mushroom Floating Above Chicago

It Happened To Me: I Was Brought Back to Avenge My Death, But Chose Justice Instead


Phenderson Djèlí Clark

The Secret Lives of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington

Imagining the Past: Speculative Fiction and the Recovering of Black History

Krystal Claxton

The Filigreed Cage

Tina Connolly

Queen Aster, Who Dances

C. S. E. Cooney

For Mrs. Q

Patricia Coral


Frank Cvetkovic

Snow Ninjas of the Hymalayas

An Honest Mistake


Karl Dandenell

We Who Stay Behind

Anne Dafeta

Friday Night Games

Gillian Daniels

Beast of Breath

James Darrow


Delilah S. Dawson

Love Song of the Lizard Boy

A. E. Decker

The Gangs of Gnome Jersey

Forever Now

Rachel Deering

Famine’s Shadow

Pablo Defendini

Redefining Scripts for Better Masculinity

Ashley Deng

Questions to Grow Up On

Steven J. Dines

A Trick of the Night

Kate Dollarhyde

A Taxonomy of Hurts

Aidan Doyle

Pride and Profanity

Gold Farmer’s Daughter


Malon Edwards

If Wishes Were Obfuscation Codes

Delta Child

Junebug’s Magical Magnificent Mercurial Barbershop

Renee Elizabeth

Time Out

Amal El-Mohtar

Thunderstorm in Glasgow, July 25, 2013


Karolina Fedyk

Your Inheritance Will Taste of Salt

Courtney Floyd

H&D Plumbing

A Post-Modern Oracle

Francesca Forrest

The Boy on the Roof

Eric Francis

The Boy

Ben Francisco

Aging Elements


Sarah Gailey



The Fisher of Bones: A Serialized Novella


Impostor/Abuser: Power Dynamics in Publishing

John F. Gardner

The Last Good Day

Beth Goder

How to Identify an Alien Shark

How to Say I Love You with Wikipedia

Jaymee Goh

By the Storytelling Fire

Sam Gorenstein

Sure I am Metaphysically Sinking Into a More Terrifying Universe, but We All Have Our Things to Deal With

Sarah Goslee

The Kingfisher Manifesto

Balance Point

By Stone, by Sea, by Flower, by Thorn

April Grant

The Finger

A. T. Greenblatt

Team Work

On the Other Side of the Line

Megan Grey


Tuesdays With Molakesh the Destroyer

Damien Walters Grintalis


J.M. Guzman

Rain and the Designs of Your Body


Laurel Halbany

She Waits

Michael Lee Harris

Snow Ninjas of the Hymalayas

Maria Haskins

The Brightest Lights of Heaven

Kevin Hearne

Friendly Emily

Thord D. Hedengren

My Name is Ronald by the Way

Amanda Helms

I Send My Tower Walking

Carlos Hernandez


Millie Ho


Immigrant Experiences in Fiction and Real Life: A Roundtable Discussion

Sarah Hollowell

Crow’s Eye

Jessica Cho

Mother Tongue

Annalee Flower Horne


Kat Howard

The Heart of the Story

Alex Hughes

Fluffy Harbinger of Death

Alexis A. Hunter

Your Body, By Default

God Talk: Advice From A Deity in Distress

Ana Hurtado


M.K. Hutchins

Dragon Soap

The Staircase to the Moon

Zina Hutton

Accidental Queen of the Spiders


Melissa Yuan-Innes

Fairy Tales are for White People

José Pablo Iriarte

Cupid and Psyche at the Caffé Sol Y Mar

Amanda Draws Crows


Hillary Jacques

The Cutting Yield

Carolin Jansen

Radio Static

Lucas J.W. Johnson

Remaker, Remaker

A Clockwork Heart

The Praetorian Guard

David Jonas


Rachael K. Jones

When He First Laid Eyes


Kathryn Kania

Two Years Dead


Maya Kanwal

A Legal Alien

Immigrant Experiences in Fiction and Real Life: A Roundtable Discussion

Jennifer Stephan Kapral

A Martian Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Gravity Chamber

Jake Kerr


Looking for Bad Guys

Mikki Kendall

Sometimes the Crossroads Come to You

Snow White

Harassment Culture: You’re Soaking in It

Keffy R. M. Kehrli


Singing Wings

Cassanda Khaw


Radio Werewolf

Margaret Killjoy

Imagine a World So Forgiving

D.J. Kirkbride

Snow Ninjas of the Hymalayas

Adam P. Knave

Snow Ninjas of the Hymalayas

The Brutal and the Simple

Mary Robinette Kowal

The White Phoenix Feather: A tale of cuisine and ninjas

Dust to Dust


Christine Larsen

Famine’s Shadow

Rebecca M. Latimer

All Manner of Men and Monsters

Kate Lechler

The Hulder’s Husband Says Don’t

L. D. lewis


Mary Soon Lee

Lord Serpent

Rose Lemberg


Marissa Lingen


Ken Liu

To the Moon

The Journal

George Lockett

Ten Utterances of the Vampire Word

Danny Lore


Diana Lu

White Saviorism and the Brooklyn Hammer Murders

Catherine Lundoff

Lost Girl


A. A. McNamara

Change Comes Unevenly: Protecting Trans Rights with the Yes on 3 Campaign

S.M. Mack

Ariadne, Abandoned on Naxos

Nilah Magruder

A Letter to My Sister

Arkady Martine


Rešoketšwe Manenzhe

The Telegrapher

James McGee

Sell it Like Death

Rob McMonigal

Not So Super

Melissa Mead

Downstairs, Upstairs

Stefon Mears

Ask The Cats

Zoë Medeiros

My Sister Is a House

Brian M. Milton

Rab the Giant versus the Witch of the Waterfall

Cleaning Up

Hillary Monahan

#MeToo, and Furthermore

Mimi Mondal

So It Was Foretold

Melissa Moorer

The Get-Get Man

Lisa Nohealani Morton

To Fall, and Pause, and Fall

Michelle Muenzler

For What Dignity Remains

Alison Mulder

If We Live to Be Giants


Tariro Ndoro

-The Whale of Tikpiti’i

-Reclaiming the Right to Truth

Okwudili Nebeolisa

After Living With Him

Derek Newman—Stille


Mari Ness

The Middle Child’s Practical Guide to Surviving a Fairy Tale

The Witch in the Tower

The Ceremony

Annie Neugebauer

Zanders the Magnificent

Russell Nichols

How to Sync Your Spouse

Beyond Comprehension

Sherin Nicole

Partially True (But Mostly Not)

Sara Norja

Birch Daughter


Brandon O’Brien

Getting Men Off Ledges

_Getting Out of the Cold: Revisiting Toxic Masculinity in _Lethal Weapon__

Due By the End of the Week

Sandra M. Odell

Listening to it Rain

Aimee Ogden

Shelter, Sustenance, Self

Suyi Davies Okungbowa

Our Secrets, In KeysThe Haunting of 13 Olúwo Street

Daniel José Older


Malka Older

Narrative Disorder

The Narrative Spectrum

Karen Osborne

The Blanched Bones, the Tyrant Wind

M. E. Owen



Suzan Palumbo

Personal Rakshasi

Charles Payseur

How to Spend Your Free Time

Dominica Phetteplace

How I Got Published (12 Tips from a Bestselling Author)

Aimee Picchi

50 Ways to Leave Your Fairy Lover)

Sarah Pinsker

They Sent Runners Out

Andrea Phillips


Dominica Phetteplace

There Is No Beauty Without Resistance

Children of Rouwen

The Revolution, Brought to You by Nike

Three Laws

We Need New Scripts

Vina Jie-Min Prasad

Portrait of Skull with Man

Katie Pugh



Shiv Ramdas


Ace Ratcliff

Who Gets to Say #MeToo?

Jenn Reese

Symphony for the Space Between the Stars

Jason Ridler

Rocket Ship Nirvana

Joanne Rixon


Rachel Rodman

The Gingerbread Pox

Alexandra Rowland

Love in Every Stitch

Lauren M. Roy

Ex Astris

Lauren Roy

The Eleventh Hour

In Memoriam: Lady Fantastic

Eden Royce

A Cure for Ghosts

Hands Made for Weaving, With Nails Sharp as Claws

Robert Lowell Russell

Twenty Parsecs East of the Earth Bypass, Closed on Sundays

C. C. S. Ryan

Emergency Management Protocol


Lilith Saintcrow

Maternal Type

She Wolf and Cub: A Serial

Sofia Samatar

The Closest Thing to Animals

Erica L. Satifka

Human Resources

Memory Scarlett

A Single, Stolen Night

Effie Seiberg

Re: Little Miss Apocalypse Playset

Alexandra Seidel

You Are Bleeding

Nibedita Sen


Advice For Your First Time At the Faerie Market

Cherrelle Shelton


Alex Shvartsman

He Who Watches

Kendra Sims

Mirrors in the Valley

Amber D. Sistla

Nobody’s Goddess

Elsa Sjunneson

A Place Out of Time

Blind Reading is in Braille or Large Print

Power Structures Are Meant to Be Broken

The Emotional Beats of Becoming a Guide Dog Handler

Addison Smith

Hope for Enthos

A. K. Snyder

All That Holds Me Together

Andrea Speed

The Last Job

D.A. Xiaolin Spires

Before the Burst

Pendants of Precariousness

Kelly C. Stiles

Just a Couple Modifications

Alexandre Stone

The Work

Hayley Stone


R.D. Sullivan

Skinned Knees



Bogi Takács

On Good Friday the Raven Washes Its Young

Jacqui Talbot


Jordan Taylor

Red as Blood, White as Snow, Black as Ebony

Sheree Renée Thomas

Roots to Touch Sky

The Jubilee

Not All Caged Birds Sing

Sydnee Thompson

The Paladin Protocol

Natalia Theodoridou

The New Heart

Johann Thorsson

First, Bite Just a Finger

R.L. Thull

The Forever Girl

Eugenia Triantafyllou

What Cannot Follow

Ali Trotta

Three of Swords, King of Cups

Kerry Truong

From Under the Peach Tree


Ose Utomi

The Story of a Young Woman


Iliana Vargas

_La caja

José González Vargas


Eliza Victoria

Where You Are Now Is Better than Where You Were Before

Grace Villmow

Saving the World, Saving Ourselves: The Role of Justice in the Enviromentalist Movement

Nghi Vo

Five Stories in the Monsoon Night

Sabrina Vourvoulias



Steve Walker

An Honest Mistake

Holly Lyn Walrath

knick knack, knick knack

LaShawn M. Wanak

One For Sorrow, Two For Joy

Izzy Wasserstein

All the Hometowns You Can’t Stay Away From

Chuck Wendig

Emerald Lakes, an Atlanta Burns story

The Forever Endeavor: A Serial

Stu West

The Scenarist

The Autumn of June

Troy L. Wiggins

Black Like Them

Fran Wilde

Choose Wisely

You Wake Up Monstrous

The Unseen

Kenesha Williams

Step into the Bad Side: Black Girl Magic Villains

Takim Williams

Inner Space

Raq Winchester & Fran Wilde

Regarding Your Future With The Futures Planning Consortium

John Wiswell

Bones at the Door

Evil Isn’t a Disability: 10 Cloverfield Lane, Donald Trump, and Don’t Breathe

A Silhouette Against Armageddon

Fascism and Facsimiles

Alyssa Wong

Rabbit Heart

All the Time We’ve Left to Spend

Evelyn Wong

Reaching Beyond

Merc Fenn Wolfmoor

This is Not a Wardrobe Door

Iron Aria

Now Watch My Rising


Jeff Xilon

All of Our Days


JY Yang

Temporary Saints

Christie Yant


Caroline M. Yoachim

Elizabeth’s Pirate Army

Betty and the Squelchy Saurus

An Army of Bees

Paperclips and Memories and Things That Won’t Be Missed

Until the Day We Go Home

Feeding Mr. Whiskers

A Rabbit Egg for Flora


Hal Y. Zhang

Cast Off Tight

Minerva Zimmerman

Take On Me