Choose Wisely


You spend the rest of your morning downloading the app, registering, making a password you’ll forget, and giving them a credit card. You’ll need to fill out the form and send it after work. The app slows your phone to a crawl. If this was a bat, you could bribe it with strawberries or a small beetle. If it was a mirror, you could smash— wait, no, no smashing mirrors. You really wish the app was a bat.

Your phone dings and the document finally sends. You delete the app from your phone, and wait.

And wait. It’s been a few days.

Did you actually send the document? You phone and check.

The Doctor’s office will phone you when the form is ready.

The Doctor’s office phones and asks for your fax number.

You didn’t pay the extra money on the app so you could receive faxes. They don’t want to use your mirror.

You give the doctor your mailing address.

You deal with other things, life stuff, family needs.

Your quest comes and goes. You do not get a traveler assist on the travel portions this time (eagles are the WORST), and you end up going missing until several members of your party come to find you, which is not only embarrassing but could jeopardize your career.

Still, you have another quest coming up soon and your document will be useful then.

The doctor’s office envelope arrives in the mail. You open it and realize you need to get the form notarized before you can send it back to the place that will get you your documents.

Do you:

A. Give up?

B. Find a notary? (A notary, much like a fax, is ancient tech in the form of a person who proves you are who you say you are by looking you in the eyes, and at your identification aura, and then affixing a seal to a document that says they did just that. Then you pay them. So far, this free document will cost you 21 gold coins. That’s enough to fix the child’s wand, which was temporarily lost on the bus and got stepped on.)