Choose Wisely


You look online for a notary. Some seem to think you can find these people called notaries at banks and other institutions. But, due to cost cutting, there are only smoking dark spots on the industry-standard green carpets where the notaries last stood, so you must find someone else, somewhere else. You see there are three notaries within driving distance of you. You adjust your work schedule to include stopping at the notary, because you have chosen not to give up.

The notary is closed when you arrive.

Another notary is no longer working where the Notary-and-Car-Service-finding spell said they were.

You begin to believe that notaries are like some wizards. Useful, but difficult to catch.

You continue your search.

You hear through the rumor mill at the witches and wizards university where you teach that a notary was recently spotted at a local package and shipping store. You shift your schedule to the time that they were last seen there.

The shipping store looks like a cave of cardboard boxes.

Do you:

A. Go in. What could possibly go wrong?

B. Go home and download a notary app where you upload all your personal information to a safe and secure site in some unnamed country and wait for a stamped printed copy of your form to arrive sometime.