Choose Wisely


Wise choice! (Those apps have really bad reviews. Unlike the emailed signed document technology that most of the rest of the world uses now, but hey, this is a disability adventure, so you must work with only the most deprecated of technology, because… Well, you just have to. Maybe it’s for plot reasons. Maybe it’s because no one has taken a look at how usable the system is since the 1980s.)

You go in. The cardboard boxes close in around you. They form a dark passageway. You see two small lights at the end of the passageway.

Is that the notary? You wish you’d brought a flashlight. The two small lights at the end of the passageway grow bigger. Is this someone with a stamp who will prove you exist so you can send in the form? The lights brighten until you are dazzled and you feel cold fingers touch your sleeve.

“Are you a notary?” the person with the cold fingers asks. “I need a notary.”

“I am looking for a notary too,” you whisper. You are disappointed, but it will be nice to have someone to travel with through the maze of cardboard boxes. Except…

Except that this not-notary came the other way.

“How long have you been in here?” you ask. You lean on your cane, because this is longer than you are used to standing and it may be longer still.

“A long time,” the not-notary says. “I was once a wizard, but I needed a form for a new wand.”

They do not look like a wizard. They have, you can see now, very sharp teeth. You can see this even though it is very dark, because their eyes are glowing.

Do you:

A. Run.

B. Continue to talk to them.