short story

The Words I Starved For

by N.R. Lambert

A spectral story about bearing witness.

short story


by Nibedita Sen

A woman receives a strange, crooning root as a parting gift from her dead mother.

short story


by Mike Loniewski

A story of death-defying circus feats and the tolls they take on a boy and his family.

Mar 4, 2020 | announcement

Introducing 'Puestes pa'l futuro': words and images from a future, post-colonial Puerto Rico

by Pablo Defendini

Introducing our new project on Kickstarter, an anthology of English and Spanish short stories, written by Puerto Rican authors from the island as well as the diaspora, which tell stories of a future, post-colonial Puerto Rico.

short story

Rule of Thirds

by LH Moore

A scientist struggles to maintain her self-control in dark, flooded tunnels deep beneath the earth.

short story

Charlie Tries to Interview Her Nanny

by Michael Robertson

A little girl interviews the person she admires most: her Nanny helper bot.


How to Leave the Planet

by Hal Y. Zhang

A lyrical farewell to living things.

short story

A Bitter Orange Perfume

by H. Pueyo

A perfumer’s three daughters engage with their mother’s legacy after her funeral.

short story

Even Robots Can Cry

by Sam Kyung Yoo

An overwhelmed student desperately wishes he were a robot.

short story

The Imperishable Birds

by Vajra Chandrasekera

A quiet tale on filmmaking, where the symbol is the thing.

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