The Telegrapher

by Rešoketšwe Manenzhe

I never imagined him as a child:
proudly clutching the hem of his mother’s dress

short story

Aging Elements

by Ben Francisco

It’s been years since I’ve flown. I’d forgotten how much the wings strain the muscles of your shoulders...

A woman's face peers at you through the chaotic, electric ether, in multiples.

short story

All the Hometowns You Can't Stay Away From

by Izzy Wasserstein

We all do what we must to survive returning home.

May 23, 2019 | essay

Harassment Culture: You’re Soaking in It

by Mikki Kendall

Another known harasser’s aggressive bullying behavior was excused by white women because his primary targets were women of color.

short story

My Sister Is a House

by Zoë Medeiros

It would have shown in the Aptitudes. I learned that much later. But when we were children, our father never told us our results.

short story


by José González Vargas

There are bugs everywhere. Most living organisms on Earth are bugs. It's no big deal.


Mother Tongue

by Jessica Jo Horowitz

I can almost make out your shape locked inside the chambers of my heart

short story

Your Inheritance Will Taste of Salt

by Karolina Fedyk

Stand on that dune and ask the sea to take you, but it won’t. You’ve tried, and so far you always had to go back.

short story

You Are Bleeding

by Alexandra Seidel

You must carry a handkerchief always in case you have to cover shame and tears and other imperfections, in case you are bleeding.

Apr 29, 2019 | news

Editorial Changes at Fireside

by Pablo Defendini

Julia Rios has decided to step down from her position as editor. What's next for Fireside?

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