Dec 27, 2018 | news

Year’s End, 2018

by Pablo Defendini

It’s the end of the year — time to take stock of everything we've done in 2018.

short story


by Kathryn Kania

She does not own a cat. She has never even seen a cat near her building. But still, there it is, curled up into an almost perfect circle of black.

Dec 20, 2018 | essay

You Wake Up Monstrous

by Fran Wilde

Body horror perpetuates the fear of, the isolation of, the disabled — by rendering disability something that happens on a screen, to a secondary character.

Dec 19, 2018 | news

On Beautiful Words

by Pablo Defendini

One of the things we started doing this year at Fireside is expanding the format and presentation of some of our stories. Here's how some of those came about.

short story

Choose Wisely

by Fran Wilde

The child is already at school, and didn’t forget her wand this time, so this is the perfect moment for dealing with the paperwork that sometimes comes with your latest medical adventure…

Dec 14, 2018 | news

Here's the Cover for the January Issue of Fireside Quarterly

by Pablo Defendini

It’s my pleasure to reveal to you the cover of the January 2019 issue of Fireside Quarterly

Dec 12, 2018 | announcement

Support Fireside — Subscribe to Fireside Quarterly

by Pablo Defendini

The best way to make sure we can keep bringing you great stories and stunning artwork is to support Fireside with your money. The very best way to support us with your money is to subscribe to our print magazine.

A man in a turban, holding a sword, stares down a many-tentacled beast. In the background, a cat nonchalantly licks its paw.

short story

Cleaning Up

by Brian M. Milton

Mr. Bhansal had often remarked that it was a strange and very annoying quirk of magic that a circle of protection had to be smooth and unbroken, but the summoning pentagram could be scrappy and unconnected.

short story

All the Time We've Left to Spend

by Alyssa Wong

No one in their right mind came to the Aidoru Hotel. But those who did always came for a very specific reason.

short story

A Letter to My Sister

by Nilah Magruder

He is pretty, as knights go. You know how I loathe the pretty ones. Their bones are brittle and sharp, and crack unpleasantly when chewed.

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