short story


by Ana Hurtado

It is the young adults who die during soccer games and after, because those who are above forty are immune to this kind of violence.

short story

Team Work

by A. T. Greenblatt

I'm not sorry. But after the incident at the museum, I have a feeling my teammates are going to reconsider my membership.


The Unseen

by Fran Wilde

The fog removes our familiar horizons with its pale hands and keeps coming.

Mar 21, 2019 | news

Announcing our Next Submissions Period

by Pablo Defendini

Fireside will be open to short fiction, poetry, and nonfiction submissions during the second week of April.

short story

Hands Made for Weaving, With Nails Sharp as Claws

by Eden Royce

It took some doing to convince the men to let Mami Wata’s gals go, but the world weaver mostly managed it without bloodshed.

Mar 14, 2019 | essay

Impostor/Abuser: Power Dynamics in Publishing

by Sarah Gailey

There is a sense of safety in assuming that we are small. We seek the safe harbor of anonymity, forgetting that there is no such thing as a person who is beyond vulnerability.

A group of women of varying ages line up. They look ready to fight.

short story

The Blanched Bones, the Tyrant Wind

by Karen Osborne

I hope I am so sticky and rangy that he cannot force the hate in my veins down his steel throat. I hope he chokes on my solid, frozen heart.

cuento corto


por Alberto Chimal

Pero así es como la verdad sobre las sirenas se ha ido olvidando, y hoy la saben y la conservan muy pocas personas.

short story

A Martian Woman's Guide to Surviving the Gravity Chamber

by Jennifer Stephan Kapral

Celebrate the small victories. Hooray, your radiation levels are at a record low! Yippee, you're ovulating on schedule!

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