short story

Watching Rome Burn

by Veronica Brush

A story about how we move forward once all we loved is lost.

short story

Custom Options Available

by Amy Griswold

A retired mining bot makes its first purchase and bodily modification for the sheer pleasure of it.



by Annika Barranti Klein

What if all we had was green, and everything worked to preserve it?

short story

Green Tunnels

by Taimur Ahmad

A little girl on a space station dreams of the green her family left behind.

short story

From Under the Peach Tree

by Kerry Truong

They came to her as a sparrow first and made their nest in the peach tree by her cliffside cottage.

short story

Partially True (But Mostly Not)

by Sherin Nicole

It didn’t hurt as badly as it used to. The idea that no one knew the difference between her and who they wanted her to be.


For Mrs. Q

by C. S. E. Cooney

I will tell her that she has a cardinal where her heart should be, beating its wings on the first day of spring

short story

Where You Are Now Is Better than Where You Were Before

by Eliza Victoria

At her first job interview in Sydney for a copywriting job, the hiring manager asks, I don’t mean to offend, but where did you learn to speak English so well?

Dec 12, 2019 | essay

Getting Out of the Cold: Revisiting Toxic Masculinity in Lethal Weapon

by Brandon O'Brien

This is perhaps one of the better lessons of the season: sometimes, the things that teach us how to be men also turn men into tools.

short story

I Send My Tower Walking

by Amanda Helms

… my tower groans at this, and I weep, for it hurts it so to do this, but it loves me enough to do whatever I ask …

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