Sep 18, 2017 | news

We Are Open to Flash Fiction and Short Story Submissions This Week

by Pablo Defendini

Fireside is accepting fiction submissions of up to 4,000 words this week.

serial: The Fisher of Bones, Chapter 4


by Sarah Gailey

Margot shivered again. She wouldn’t stop shivering.

flash fiction

If We Live to Be Giants

by Allison Mulder

“Grandpa measures our heights every day against the hallway markings. Rhiannon and I stand flat as we can, afraid even breathing will subtly lengthen our spines.”

flash fiction

Feeding Mr. Whiskers

by Dawn Bonanno

“Melanie entered the stairway, descended three stairs. Mr. Whiskers yowled. The nose twitching odor of dust overcame the cooking garlic and onions. She sniffled. Her legs wobbled and her stomach twisted into knots. Her feet wouldn't move. The darkness wasn't going away, and what hid there was waiting for her”

serial: The Fisher of Bones, Chapter 3


by Sarah Gailey

“You should eat more.”

flash fiction

Our Secrets, In Keys

by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

This used to open the door to the first room where we locked you up, before you stole a light and burnt it down.

A woman sits at a couch, back to the viewer. in front of her, a body lies prone. There's a puddle of blood on the floor.

short story

Three Laws

by Andrea Phillips

“Doctor Susan Hobbes, the lead investigator for the Emergent Robotic Behaviors Division of American Robotics Corp., was deeply and profoundly annoyed.”

serial: The Fisher of Bones, Chapter 2


by Sarah Gailey

The Gods Whispers woke me in the night.

flash fiction

Junebug’s Magical Magnificent Mercurial Barbershop

by Malon Edwards

When Junebug’s clippers bit the nape of De’Vontay’s neck, my boy didn’t flinch.

Aug 9, 2017 | news

Here are the stories we bought in April, along with some statistics on race and ethnicity

by Brian J. White

We were open to short story submissions of up to 4,000 words in April. We received 850 submissions and accepted 8.

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