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Each issue of Fireside Quarterly includes more than 120 pages of stories, essays, and artwork — three months' worth of Fireside Magazine.

The latest issue features stories, essays, and poems by:

  • Ana Hurtado
  • Cyd Athens
  • Rose Lemberg
  • Beth Goder
  • Derek Newman-Stille
  • Sheree Renée Thomas
  • Alexandra Seidel
  • Karolina Fedyk
  • Jessica Jo Horowitz
  • José González Vargas
  • Mikki Kendall
  • Zoë Medeiros
  • Izzy Wasserstein
  • Ben Francisco
  • Nghi Vo
  • Mary Berman
  • A. A. McNamara
  • Raquel Castro
  • Rešoketšwe Manenzhe
Fireside Quarterly is beautifully typeset, with an easy-to-read design, and printed on high-quality paper stock. We think our wonderful stories and artwork deserve a beautiful package, and the Quarterly is meant to be a meaningful addition to your library — and your coffee table.

Every new issue of Fireside Quarterly features stunning illustrations, printed in brilliant full color, on triple-gatefold inserts.

The April issue features illustrations by:

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